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Pay R1999.00 for SIXTEEN x I-Lipo Sessions at I-Lipo Lazer Centre, Normally R4000.00 (Saving R2001.00).

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  • Pay R1999.00 for SIXTEEN x I-Lipo Sessions at I-Lipo Lazer Centre, Normally R4000.00 (Saving R2001.00).
  • Pay R1999.00 for SIXTEEN x I-Lipo Sessions at I-Lipo Lazer Centre, Normally R4000.00 (Saving R2001.00).
  • Pay R1999.00 for SIXTEEN x I-Lipo Sessions at I-Lipo Lazer Centre, Normally R4000.00 (Saving R2001.00).
  • Pay R1999.00 for SIXTEEN x I-Lipo Sessions at I-Lipo Lazer Centre, Normally R4000.00 (Saving R2001.00).


Due to popular demand - I-Lipo are spoiling EL DEALERS and have put a deal together with double the amount of sessions at I-Lipo Lazer Centre. Just what you need to fight off the unwanted extra cm's. Pay R1999.00 for 16 x I-Lipo Laser Sessions, Normally R4000.00 (Saving R2001.00).


With your EAST LONDON DEALS voucher you purchase for this deal you will receive the following:

  1. - 16 x 20 min I-Lipo Lazer sessions;
  2. - 16 x 30 – 40 minute cardio workout (onsite) with a trainer after every session;
  3. - A choice of 3 pamper treatments at every session (relax and have a foot, hand or head massage while on the machine);
  4. - Eating list (not a diet) – You choose what you want to eat (this way teaching better choices);
  5. - Water, water bottle and towel (Just bring your gym clothes);
  6. - If you have any medical injuries or conditions, our consultant will work out a personal exercise plan to suit your needs.

The I-Lipo Machine is 100% Non-invasive, laser-based, spot fat reduction and body contouring systems. It even helps with the reduction of cellulite.

Rather than a painful incision, the I-Lipo Machine uses laser energy to safely and painlessly penetrate the skin and target specific fat cells. It is through this targeted process that the I-Lipo Machines is able to stimulate the cells itself into releasing water, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Having released these three compounds the fat cells "shrink" significantly, resulting in instant inch loss!

With one treatment the I-Lipo machine takes about 450 calories out of your fat cells.

Is this treatment safe, does it hurt and what areas can I do?

Not only is the procedure safe but quick, pain-free and healthy.
You can do any part of your body, buttocks, and arms, upper and lower back, inner and outer thighs etc.

At your appointment

After completing the necessary paperwork your target areas are measured.
Four large Diode laser paddles with 9 lasers on each paddle are placed on the treatment area.
Two smaller Probe lasers are placed over the lymphatic glands.
The I-Lipo machine will be turned on for 20 minutes.
The treated area will then be remeasured to find out how many centimeters have been lost.
You then do 30-minutes cardiovascular workout with our friendly encouraging consultant to burn what has been released which will make your workout worthwhile.

How long does the treatment last and do I need to exercise or diet?

If clients eat sensibly and regularly, combined with exercise, the body shape will retain the effects of the I-Lipo treatment.
Straight after the treatment it is important  that you do 30 - 40 minutes of exercise, all provided at the centre with assistance from our friendly consultant

How long is a treatment and how many treatments can you do?

One treatment is 20 minutes, we recommend a minimum of 8 sessions (2 sessions a week).

Under what conditions can’t I do these treatments?

Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Children under 16 years, Hypertension, Pacemakers, Cancer, Radiation Therapy, HIV, Kidney and Liver Disorders.

Is I-Lipo treatments for me?

  • I-Lipo is suitable for both men and women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.
  • Are you getting ready for a special occasion like a wedding or party but struggling to drop that dress size in time?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get your body back into shape after pregnancy?
  • Have you tried countless gym visits or even had no exercise history but wish to change your body shape?
  • Are fit and slim but have an area that exercise just cannot get rid of?
  • Do you need motivation and guidance to start a lifestyle change?

Then don't delay purchase your EL DEALS VOUCHER for your I-Lipo sessions today.

I-Lipo Laser Centre

5 Tainton Avenue

Bonnie Doon

Owner: Mercia Nicolas

Office hours: 043-735 2370

Cell: 083 657 0533

Email: ilipo@digitalhype.co.za

Website: www.chromogenex.com



Maximum Deals per Customer: 2

Subject to availability - Booking essential. Booking in advance.

Our operating hours are from:

Monday – Friday 8am to 1pm

Deal only valid on producing a valid EL DEALS voucher.

Vouchers valid from 27thh February 20 13 - 1st June 2013.

No refunds will be issued for treatments not redeemed in this period. Please ensure you book all eight appointments at your initial consultation.

This deal is only available through East London Deals and a valid voucher needs to be purchased online through the EL DEALS website (www.eldeals.co.za) to benefit from the 50% discount.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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